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Poison... Medicine...  accurately mixed…
there is a fine line between pleasure and suffering….

You play a robot bartender in a bar in space.
You have to mix drinks very accuratetly but in reality it is often inaccurate.

This is a personal cleaner version that didn't made it into the 2018 Epic MegaJam in time. The Theme was "Reality is often inaccurate"

Windows Version

- WASD to move 
- Move mouse to look around
- Left mousebutton pick up items
- Right mousebutton switch between distance and rotation mode
- Middle mousebutton to switch rotation axis

- Scrollwheel for change distance and rotation depending on active mode

VR Version

-Trigger to grap items release to drop
-Push Trackpad for teleporting
-Move thumb on trackpad to rotate your position before release and teleport

Assets that were not made during the GameJam

  • MonitorScreen Material from Blueprints Project under the learning section
  • GuestCharacter animations and rigging from Mixamo.com
  • Sounds from Soundly
  • Cubemap made with SpacesScape
  • WaterMaterial from Unreal Wiki - Water test project
  • Substances
  • GameTextures.com 3 Freebies for this month
  • One music track: https://richarpkmusic.weebly.com/
  • VR Motion Controller Pawn from Unreal Template


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SpaceBar.7z 464 MB
SpaceBarVRv1.0.7z 468 MB

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